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Professional Flat Iron
Flat Iron

Flat Iron

XTAVA Professional Flat Iron

This is an effective Professional Flat Iron. I was very excited to get this XTAVA Professional Flat Iron because I have one of their other products. When I received this flat iron, it was in a nice box. Inside the box had the flat iron in a heat-resistant bag.

This is a classy looking flat iron that is perfect size. I did notice right away the LONG cord, which is 9 feet long. This is ideal if you don’t have an outlet nearby your mirror. It is all black with an LED display showing the temperature you have it set at. Inside the flat iron is the power button and the up and down control for the temperature. This gets really hot and can get to 430 degrees.

Originally, had it set about 300 degree, which I felt wasn’t quite hot enough to effectively straighten my hair. I put it up to 430 degrees when I straightened my hair. In the product description, it states higher the temperature the silkier and shinier the strands. It fully straightened my hair, and I didn’t have frizzy hair afterwards. It is always a good ideal to spray your hair first with a hair protector that will shield your hair from heat to help avoid damage to the hair. I did not use anything the first time I used this flat iron.

It was very easy to use and it glided over my hair nicely without feeling like it was being stuck. Once you are done with the it, you can unplug it and put it right in the heat-resistant bag. The product description states that it has a an automatic sleep mode after 60 minutes.

When my daughter used this professional flat iron for the first time, she thought it was burning her hair, as there was smoke. She had on a heat protector. When I used it for the first time, I didn’t have on a heat protector. We both experienced smoke with this flat iron, and maybe that is normal for this flat iron or it is temporary because it is new.

Overall for the price, this is a nice flat iron . It is easy to use and safety and cutting-edge design was the company’s focus. We have purchased irons that were more expensive, burned hair and not as effective. Additionally, you can control the temperature, which you don’t see with many of the irons. So, for this price and the fact it did’t burn hair was a great advantage. I recommend this product.

Specifics about the XTAVA Professional Flat Iron:

  • ADVANCED HEAT TECHNOLOGY: Higher heat means silkier, shinier strands. The Xtava Silk Edition Hair Straightener can reach professional-level temperatures of up to 430F and utilizes highly efficient infrared heat to seal in moisture and provide the longest lasting sleekness. This cutting-edge heat technology prevents hair follicle damage, protects color, and delivers results 60% faster than the average flat iron.
  • PRO DESIGN: Every element of the Xtava Silk Edition was expertly designed to create the most efficient and effective tool. This model features a 360 degree swivel and a 9 foot cord, offering unbeatable reach and ease of use. The digital LCD temperature display allows for precise control, while the “dual plate” technology disperses the heat evenly across the hair.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Avoid the mid-morning panic over whether you remembered to unplug your iron; the Xtava Silk Edition has an automatic sleep mode after 60 minutes to guarantee home safety and the longevity of your tool. The rubber heat-resistant handle also eliminates potential burn risk.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Finally, a reliable flatiron for the jet-setting beauty guru. The Xtava Silk Edition is equipped with a heat insulation bag to ensure safe storage and easy travel, with the added bonus of dual voltage for seamless use internationally.
  • EXPERT TIP: Extend your smooth style by applying a heat protectant spray before you iron, sleeping on silk pillowcases, and skipping shampoos (opt for a dry shampoo or a sprinkling of baking powder instead!


For more information about the XTAVA Professional Flat Iron: Click Here

Flat Iron

Flat Iron

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