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Gooseneck iPad Stand Tablet Stand


Gooseneck iPad Stand Tablet Stand

Tryone Gooseneck iPad Stand/ Tablet Stand is well-made and very sturdy! The only thing is when twisting the gooseneck, it is a bit of a challenge. Yes, anyone can maneuver it, but someone who may not be as strong may take longer to maneuver it to how they want it set up. There is a manual which does help when setting it up. While some may not care, we found we needed it.

My kids have an Apple iPad Air, which is fairly big. Because it is big, we had to make sure the iPad tablet stand is well-supported so the iPad would not go downward. I have a Samsung Note 4 and it fits as well. Obviously, if the device is smaller than an iPad Air, you probably won’t have issues with it staying where you want it.

I like that it is well-made and sturdy so it can’t just snap and break. The price is pretty affordable, and it is easy to the table stand.

Product Details

  • When holding a heavy tablet larger than 8 inch, loop the gooseneck into a circle shape or bend it into a ā€œSā€ shape, which can provide more stability. Move the support tube to a suitable position for more support.
  • Reinforced Bolt Clamp Base: Reinforced and thickened base. Adujustable clamp can fit a table, counter, headboard or desk up to 3-inches thick.
  • Long Flexible Sturdy Gooseneck: It measures about 40 inches long. It is made of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy, which is very sturdy and flexible.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for an Apple iPhone, iPad or other Android Devices ranging from from 4 to 12 inches long.
  • Innovative Design: A little support tube is added onto the gooseneck, which is movable and provides more support to enhance the stability.


For more information: Gooseneck iPad Stand Tablet Stand

For more information: Gooseneck iPad Stand Tablet Stand



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